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Helping Individuals and Families

To Work Toward Their Financial Goals

Luong Pham, CEO and Owner

Luong is honored to help the individuals and families he serves pursue financial clarity as they employ a clear and disciplined approach to working toward their financial goals. He combines his deep care for those he serves with an analytical approach to financial planning, helping to simplify the complex world of business and retirement planning for his clients.

Prior to founding Axim Wealth Management, LLC, Luong was a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Investment Manager (PIM) at Wells Fargo Advisor. He was also Vice President of Investments at UBS Financial, Smith Barney, Ameriprise and Edward Jones Investments. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Wright State University.

Originally from Vietnam, Luong and his wife, Dr. Nancy Liu, make their home in Centerville, Ohio. Luong was a member of the U.S. taekwondo team for the 1988 Olympics, and continues to practice martial arts today. He also enjoys playing tennis, bowling and jet skiing in his free time.